Benefits of Club-Fitting

//Benefits of Club-Fitting

With properly fit Golf Equipment

  • Increase Distance and Improve Accuracy.
  • Better Distance Control.
  • Maximize your potential by using clubs that are fit based on your abilities and limitations.
  • Improve over-all game performance.
  • More comfortable feel with your clubs, promotes confidence.


Q: What is Static Fitting?

A: Static Fitting is based on gathering data on your physical attributes such as Height, Wrist-to-Floor Length, and Hand size. As well as intangible traits such as age, physical built, frequency of play, among others.

Q: What is Dynamic Fitting?

A: With the use of a Swing Speed Monitor and Launch Monitor, dynamic fitting is the process of analyzing your golf swing and ball flight characteristics. Dynamic Fitting determines the required Clubhead, Length, Shaft Weight and Flex, Grip Size, Loft and Lie Angle, and much more.

Q: Who benefits from club-fitting?

A: Both professional and amateur players.

Q: Which equipment can be fitted?

A: Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges, and Putters.

Q: How long does the fitting session take?

A: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Q: How do I schedule a fitting appointment?

A: Call +632 8659-6906, +63917 811-4653, +63998 983-4161 and look for Jake Ong. ​