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Professional Clubfitting, Clubmaking, and Club Repair Services

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Official Clubmakers of the Philippine Golf Tour


Who We Are?

Custom Clubmakers is the pioneer and the only Certified Professional Clubmakers in the Philippines. Since 1998, the company has been providing Professional Golf Clubfitting, Clubmaking, and Club Repair services to both amateur and professional golfers in the country.

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Jake checked my swing first then suggested to lengthen my clubs a bit, change my shaft, made my clubheads a little upright, and thicken my grips. As soon as we did all that I was playing better and hitting the golf balls more squarely. I suggest to all golfers – have your CLUBFITTING with JAKE ONG. He’s the BEST in the country when it come to this. Even the TOP GOLF PROS go to him!

Monsour Del Rosario

I love my KZG Customized Combo Forged Iron Set! The face of the irons feels soft and very similar to more known & marketed Japanese clubs. A great investment! Plus since they are custom fitted, I can play 18 holes or more without getting tired. Customized clubs are not an option but the wiser choice.

Dominic Uy

As tough as golf is, it makes sense to ask help from the experts, I do.

Juami Rocha

I would like to say thank you to Custom Clubmakers for their support not only to me, but also to the support they’re giving to all the Pros.

Artemio Murakami
Professional Golfer

I have been playing golf for 40 years and have been associated socially and professionally with some of the world’s leading and trusted club makers. I must honestly say, the service which has been provided to me by Jake Ong and Francis Go at Custom Clubmakers is up there with the very best I have experienced anywhere in the world. Their service is personal-one on one and customised to your needs. They understand the science and mechanics of the golf club and the requirements for performance. In terms of club building and repairs, their work has been flawless. These guys will go the extra yard to ensure you are happy and you come back. I would highly recommend them to anybody, amateur or professional.

Dr Keith J Halford
PHD, MSD, Grad. Dip Science, BARM, BHMS

I have tried quite a number of different brand of irons from my junior days to my stint with the National Team and if there is one thing that I need the most is to be consistent. Since I switched to my KZG irons my contact became more consistent and shaping shots from different angles has never been a problem. Thank you KZG, Mabuhay ka!!!

Jun Plana

Custom Clubmakers provides friendly and professional advice along with the most complete and capable Club Repair services.

Jerome Delariarte
Professional Golfer

Custom Clubmakers is the pioneer in Clubmaking in the Philippines. They are tried and tested, and have been making my clubs for ten years now. Only Custom Clubmakers touch my clubs.

Gerald Rosales
Professional Golfer

When it comes to adjusting and fixing clubs, I only go to one place, Custom Clubmakers. They are professional, accomodating and they are the best at what they do. More power!

Angelo Que
Professional Golfer


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