With studies reporting that 92% of all golfers are playing the wrong golf clubs for their game, coupled with other studies that report 59% of golfers have been “fit” for custom clubs …. you know something is terribly wrong.

Clearly there are “so-called fitters” and then there are truly qualified fitters.  Industry insiders estimate the number of truly skilled fitters at around 800 in the entire world.  Many claim to be “professional fitters” but are no more than glorified salesman.  The golfing public has an impossible task discerning the difference.  This World’s Top 100 List is designed to help golfers find legit fitters.

You may have seen other lists of top fitters … listing stores or other golf venues.  The World’s Top 100 ClubFitters List does not list stores, courses or centers.  The World’s Top 100 ClubFitters are individuals.  Individuals who are the true professionals with years of experience in fitting, constantly attending classes and seminars to hone their skills and have the integrity to take the time necessary to fit every golfer with the ideal clubs to improve their game.

An independent panel of industry experts have set the criteria necessary to be considered a Top 100 Professional ClubFitter.  The panel includes: Clay Long, renowned club designer and personal fitter for Jack Nicklaus; Gene Parente, President of Golf Laboratories, Inc., the premier golf equipment testing facility and producer of robot testing utilized by virtually every equipment manufacturer; Dr. King, President and founder of KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine; and Dr. Christian Reichardt, doctor of sports medicine and author of “Pain Free Golf”.

A 100 point system based on the criteria was generated to objectively evaluate each applicant.  They include:

1-10 points:           A sincere commitment to help every golfer play their best and a reputation for honesty and integrity in their community

1-10 points:           An ability to converse with the golfer to assess the golfer’s goals, understand any disabilities

1-10 points:           An ability to educate the golfer every step of the fitting process

1–10 points:          Number of years as a club fitter and the success of his business in the community

1-10 points:           Regular attendance at schools and seminars to maintain knowledge and raise the bar for their profession

1-10 points:           Knowledge of golf club head specifications, design features and manufacturing processes

1-10 points:           Knowledge of shaft profiles, design features and manufacturing processes

1-10 points:           Knowledge of interpreting analysis data and use of launch monitors, frequency analyzers and videos during their fittings

1-10 points:           Maintains a wide selection of heads and shafts and ability to select the optimum combination for any given golfer

1-10 points:           Assumes responsibility for the build of the custom clubs; checks that fitting instructions are adhered to perfectly and double checks all specifications before handing clubs to the golfer

This year’s Honorees hail from 18 countries around the globe: 33 from Europe and the UK, 43 from the U.S.; 13 from Canada; 5 from Australia and New Zealand; 5 from Asia; and 1 from Mexico.


Philippines Francis Go Custom Clubmakers International 2007-2019
Philippines Jake Ong Custom Clubmakers International 2006-2019
Singapore Joseph Loo XLNgolf Pte Ltd. 2018-2019
Signapore Ignatius Tan XLNgolf Pte Ltd. 2019
South Korea Brian Choi Tayoon Golf 2007-2019


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